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Stalogy Circular Masking Tape Patches

Stalogy Circular Masking Tape Patches

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These round sticky notes are made from strong fibres that make marking, labeling and classifying easier. The innovative Washi material and adhesive mean that these notes remove easily and leave no residue, protecting your documents.

The ultrathin but durable patches are able to be written on, making them ideal for organising and arranging information in important documents.

Features Durable, writeable
Adhesive Remove easiliy with no residue
Sheets Per Pack 10
Labels Per Pack 180
Dimensions 16 mm diameter
  • Juicy Orange
  • Brilliant Yellow
  • Spray Blue
  • Sweet Violet
  • Rose Purple
  • Tender Green
  • Summer Blue
  • Sakura Pink
  • Cloud Grey
  • Opera Pink


    Product ID:
    Shining Red: I04752 Juicy Orange: I04779 Brilliant Yellow: I04780 Spray Blue: I04781
    Sweet Violet: I04782 Rose Purple: I04783 Tender Green: I04784 Turf Green: I04785
    Summer Blue: I04786 Sakura Pink: I04787 Cloud Grey: I04788 Night Grey: I04789
    Opera Pink: I04790       

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