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Stalogy 1/2 Year A5 Notebook

Stalogy 1/2 Year A5 Notebook

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The minimal details of the Stalogy ½ Year Notebook make it ideal to use as a journal, day planner or sketchbook. The high-quality graph paper means that the journal is fountain pen friendly, while the super thin pages keep the notebook light-weight.

With subtle grid paper, this minimalist style notepad makes it ideal for sketching and creative use, while the dates, days of the week, and numbers indicating times, allow the notebook to double as a planning journal.

This notebook is easy to carry and is ideal for creatives, writers, designers or project managers that can take advantage of the page a day diary style to create schedules or just take notes.

  • Paper size: A5 (148 x 210)
  • Grided
  • Number of Sheets: 184
  • Paper Weight: 184g
  • Variety of colours available
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