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Stalogy Editor Series Four Function Pen

Stalogy Editor Series Four Function Pen

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The Stalogy Editor Series Four Function pen allows you to switch between red, blue, black and a 0.5 mm lead mechanical pencil, making it the perfect solution at home, in the office or on the move.

Unlike most clunky multicolor pens, Stalogy Editor uses low-viscosity ink to avoid the pen gliding too fast. This provides the writer with maximum control and ensures the pen does not glide too fast.

The Stalogy Editor is engineered for comfort and uses ergonomic design to ensure the pen fits in your hand comfortably, while the rubber grip contains an antibacterial agent.

Speciality Ergonomic design, smooth, comfortable writing
Grip Rubber grip containing antibacterial 
13 mm × 144 mm
0.5 mm × 98 mm
Pen Type Ballpoint
Colours Red, Blue, Black, Mechanical Pencil
Mechanical Pencil
 0.5 mm

Product ID: White: I04753 Black: I05161

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