How can Decolfa be used?

How can Decolfa be used?

How Can Decolfa Be Used?

With fun graphics and traditional Japanese styling, Decolfa tape has multiple design-related applications, including arts & crafts, interior design, and even scrapbooking. Whether you dabble in arts & crafts or are a trained designer, Decolfa provides the creative freedom to create while being simple to use.

Decolfa tape features an eclectic range of designs that mean you can make any space your own. Decolfa can be can be used as a wall decal or applied to items around the home to add personality to everyday items. This blog shows just some of the ways Decolfa can be used.

Interior Design

Are you redecorating? Decolfa wall decals can be used to brighten up or add flair to any room. Whether it’s a baby room, living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, Decolfa’s designs inspire you to get creative.

One of the greatest things about Decolfa is that the tape can be removed without leaving any residue. So, if you add the Decolfa to a wall or surface, then change your mind, then it’s just a case of peeling off the tape and adding another style. No dry time, no residue and no fuss!

Arts & Crafts

Do you enjoy arts and crafts? With Decolfa you can turn everyday objects into art pieces that complement a room. In the example below, you see how Decolfa adds personality to this wooden storage box while natural light brings out the colours in the tape.


Gift Wrapping

Looking to make a gift for that special someone really standout? Use Decolfa to wrap a gift or replace Sellotape with Decolfa. This works best with simple packaging options. In the example below, you can see how Decolfa is used along with a minimalist cardboard box to create a unique style.

Protect your phone, laptop or tablet

Smartphones and tablets are expensive while being notoriously easy to scratch (not a great combination). Luckily you can use Decolfa to wrap your tech easily, protecting it while adding a customised feel. 


No dry time, no residue, no fuss!

Decolfa masking tape uses Japanese adhesive technology which means the tape can be removed easily without leaving any marks or residue. This makes Decolfa the perfect solution when looking to brighten up sensitive surfaces.

This means you can replace Decolfa as many times as you like, perfect if you want a style to match the seasons.


If you are interested in using Decolfa for your project then check out the various styles we have available.

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