What is a 365 Days Notebook?

It's a simple notebook with only the minimum elements of time, date and day of the week, and grid.

The minimal details of this simple-styled notebook make it possible to use as a journal, day planner or sketchbook. The pages are suitable for various users who each spend 365 days in their own, unique way.

Tips on how to use the 365 Days Notebook

The 365 days note is perfect for recording every day.


Manage appointments at once at a glance.

it is hard to get through the back, so there is no problem even if you write a lot.

Weekly Left

A big success in the business scene.

Because there is a lot of free space, you can take a lot of notes while checking the schedule.

Weekly Block

You can see the events of the week in the facing.

Because the writing column is large, it is also in the diary etc.


Weekly Horizontal

To do organization by writing vertically.


For those who have a lot of work to do, this vertical format is recommended.


Schedule check on time axis.


You can check the schedule for one week in the facing. The free space at the bottom of the schedule column can be used as a notepad or TODO list.

1 Page per day

For both picture diaries and reading records.


You can write as many things as you like at any time.


Business Notes

Because it is a light gray grid, it does not disturb the handwritten line.


It is perfect for business because it is easy to carry.

Household Account Book

Because there is nothing superfluous, it is my favorite specification.


You can record as much as you can write when you want to write


You can download the format of the pocketbook

Step 1

Print a choice of your favorite format design.

Choose your favorite format and print it.

Step 2

Cut the paper which you printed along a dotted line.


Cut the printed paper along the dotted line with a cutter or the like.

Step 3

Lay paper under the page of the notebook.


Please insert the format in the 365 Days note.

Step 4

Fill it out along guidelines, and make your original diary.


Trace along the format from above and create your own pocketbook.

The versatility of the notebook is what really makes this product unique.